King’s Cross Euston Road entrances

London Underground Ltd (LUL) has permanent planning permission for four structures around Kings Cross station:
1. The large stainless steel clad oval shaped vent just north of the blue police portacabins at the south east corner of Pancras Road.
2. The main entrance to the underground immediately in front of King’s Cross Station just to the east of the blue police portacabins.
3 and 4.The two underground entrances on the south side of Euston Road.

However, LUL has only temporary permission for the current design of these structures. This permission runs out on 31 December 2008 so LUL are now asking to retain the existing design on a permanent basis. Of particular note are the permissions for the oval vent and main entrance. Once the horrible plastic canopy is demolished after 2012 the front of the station will become a new public square. LB Camden will consider the ramifications of making the design of these two structures permanent.

If you have views on this tell LB Camden through Gavin Sexton.

As this decision will be made under the Channel Tunnel Rail Link Act 1996 it will not be handled in quite the same way as normal planning applications. The plans are not available on-line, they can only be viewed by actually going to the 5th floor Environment reception of LB Camden at Argyle St, the same entrance as St Pancras Library. LB Camden has until 28 October 2008 to make their decision. Contact Gavin Sexton at LB Camden for further details.

About Sophie Talbot

Sophie runs a small business designing websites for small businesses and community groups. She also manages King's Cross Community Projects
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1 Response to King’s Cross Euston Road entrances

  1. bloomsbury1 says:

    Isn’t the space in front of Kings Cross station supposed to become an impressive new public space? – with an international design competition, maybe? Then why let London underground spoil the pitch by getting permanent planning permission for the present design of its above-ground structures? Including the great shiny oval shaft just South of Great Northern Hotel spoiling the view for ever. And are we never going to have disabled access to the underground from South of Euston Road – or from just in front of the station? Stop this permission which will slip through in days unless blocked by Camden with conditions.

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