First detailed plans for housing

The meeting of the Forum on 23 November heard Steve Sanham, the Argent Project Manager for Buildings R4 and R5 (which are residential buildings north of the canal). His presentation, which is outlined in the minutes of the meeting, provided an update on both buildings.

The Forum decided to approach Camden Council and Argent about improving the borderland by York Way. The note then sent to Camden Council and Argent is also included in the minutes of the meeting.

This meeting followed hot on the heels of the announcement of the winning competition for the inside of Gasholder 8. This is a scheme from Bell, Phillips and Kimble proposes steps, seating and ramps set within the frame of the gasholder providing access to a circular basement pavilion structure, on the roof of which a reflection pool and a range of features provide a variety of spaces for play, relaxation and leisure.

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