Forum focus on the York Way border

The Forum is meeting on 11 February, hoping to discuss with Transport for London, Camden Council and Argent the environment of King’s Cross Central over the period of its development. The special concern is where the site impinges on people’s lives, including the likely state of the eastern border along York Way over the next few years.

Transport for London

From Transport for London we would like to hear about the transport links planned for York Way and King’s Cross Central in the course of the next few (say five) years. At present York Way is only served by the rather infrequent 390 bus. Will one of the other buses serving Kings Cross (such as 17, 91 or 259) be diverted to run along a greater section of York Way?

We would like a greater frequency of buses to be provided on York Way, noting the existing demand and increased demand through the University of the Arts, opening in October 2011, and the accommodation proposed to be provided in Building R4 soon after.

Camden Council

From Camden Council we would like to hear the approach to landscaping, lighting, planting and pedestrian crossing facilities to the north of Copenhagen Street. It is not right for York Way to be such an unfriendly environment for those on foot over an extended period.

We would also like to hear:

  • How the undeveloped parts of King’s Cross Central should be used over the long period of its development, now things are taking longer because of the economic crunch.
  • How the Section 106 money from the King’s Cross Central development is to be used.
  • How the Network Rail contribution for York Way environmental improvements to the south of Copenhagen Street is to be applied.


The Forum would like Argent to reconsider whether any temporary uses may be made of land which has been cleared and reserved for development when not actually required for contractors’ operations.

We would like Argent to bring forward eventual landscape treatments so as to give people passing along York Way a more cheerful environment over the extended period before final completion.

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