Forum response to Camden about Building R4 of King’s Cross Central

The Planning Response Team of the Forum has commented on the application for Building R4 on the north east of the King’s Cross Central site. The response is here. If you want to support those comments or to make some comments of your own there is a short time in which you can do so.

The Forum generally welcomed this mixed housing proposal for One Housing Group, with shops on the ground floor, supported housing at a lower level and a ‘garden in the sky’ for the intermediate housing residents, but felt that the scheme could have been better: there could have been more amenity space, better access and connections for the supported housing, more flats with balconies, and readier access to cycle stores and wheelie bins. There was also a concern about the imaginative proposal to substitute something like a skate boarding area where there was a road in the original plan: the area should be locked at night to save nuisance to residents.

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