Forum objections to the student tower block

The Forum meeting on 30 September decided to strengthen the comments by the Planning Response Team. The planning application (2010/4468/P) goes beyond the outline planning permission for the northernmost site on Kings Cross Central. The Forum will ask Camden Council to refuse this application which would create a new precedent in the sky.

Towering much higher than the St Pancras Station spire from many viewpoints, the 27-storey residential block proposed for the northernmost point of Kings Cross Central close to High Speed One trains would change the look of York Way far more than the other major blocks proposed for the Camden side of that road or the Islington ‘triangle’ opposite.

The tower would sit just outside the view corridors from north London’s heights to St Paul’s Cathedral. That makes it possible for Argent to apply to build to the proposed height. However, because of its height the proposal departs from the approved masterplan for the development site (for which outline planning permission has been granted) and is framed as a new application. Camden Council could reject it completely.

If the tower was a short distance away in the borough of Islington, it would contravene the Islington tall buildings policy. It will throw evening shadows over the Islington border. Once a tower block is allowed to pierce the skyline it is hard for a planning authority to object to others.

Responses need to be sent in by 6 October with reference to planning application 2010/4468/P.

The Forum meeting, which was the annual review meeting, also looked at several other aspects of the King’s Cross Central developments and relations with Camden Council; its minutes are here. The annual review report presented at the meeting is here.

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