Proposals for York Way improvements

Camden Council is consulting about its proposals for improving the stretch of York Way between Euston Road and Wharfdale Road. The proposals involve widening the footway on the western side, adding a zebra crossing, changing the junction at Wharfdale Road, inserting a cycle lane, narrowing the roadway and having fewer bus stands. The only question explicitly asked in the consultation is whether to have a loading and parking bay on the eastern side of the road.

There are several obvious questions. Is this really the best way of using the Section 106 money? How much will it use? Should the proposals be put together with the proposals that  TfL is drafting for the junction of York Way and Euston Road? Should there be a bigger TfL plan, for eliminating redundant traffic flows from the King’s Cross gyratory?

Camden Council is consulting directly only occupants of the area outlined in red on the plan, along with councillors and groups like the Forum. Forum members might like to look at, and add to, the discussion on the King’s Cross Local Environment site, as well as providing their comments on this site or direct to Camden Council. The consultation leaflet is here.

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