Improvements to the plans for the linked housing blocks

At its meeting on 9 December the Forum heard from architects in the dRMM practice and the Argent project manager about the detailed plans for Zone J of King’s Cross Central (along York Way to the north of the Regent’s Canal). The plans had changed since they were last presented; members of the Forum felt that generally the changes were improvements but still had concerns.

The changes and concerns are described in the minutes of the meeting, which also have some pictures from the plans. The planning application (2010/6688/P) for Zone J was submitted some days after the meeting was held. Forum members can now comment on it.

The minutes of the meeting also summarise the discussion of how the Forum can best serve the needs of people in and around King’s Cross Central, following various suggestions. All member organisations are invited to say:

  • Which other organisations should be involved.
  • How they can help with the integration of the future occupants.
  • What they need to be told about for looking after their particular concerns.
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