Forum response to the London Assembly review of community involvement in planning

At the Forum meeting on 22 September members discussed the draft response to the London Assembly consultation on community involvement in planning. The final response is here.

The Forum meeting also heard from the architects of Building B1. It is to be in Pancras Road, alongside the proposed Council Offices of Building B3, but with more than twice the floor area of Building B3. (The overall sketch plan is inaccurate: Building B1 stretches along Pancras Road, and Building B3 occupies only the Goods Way corner.)

The planning application for Building B1 (2011/4713/P) was submitted some days after the meeting was held. Forum member organisations can now comment on it to Camden (preferably by 21 October). The Planning Response Team is also preparing a response on behalf of the Forum.

The minutes of the meeting include some pictures from the Building B1 plans.

The next meeting of the Forum will be from 7:00 to 9:00 on Friday 4 November in Committee Room 1 of Camden Town Hall. The topics will include King’s Cross Square, the future involvement of the Forum in the neighbourhood planning process and the annual review.

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