Forum response to Camden about the Camden Council office block

The Forum submitted some comments to the Camden Development Control Committee meeting that was considering the planning application for Building B3, the new Council office block. That building also houses a library and swimming baths, so safe access to it by local residents as as important as safe access to it by office workers. The comments submitted by the Forum concentrate on pedestrian and cyclist access from across Euston Road and along Pancras Road, Goods Way and Camley Street, and the appropriate use of Section 106 funds.

When the planning application was first made, the Forum was still hoping to arrange a public meeting with Council representatives at which matters like transport and access to the building would be discussed. Though the representatives agreed to attend that meeting, they were ultimately unable to say when they would do so. The Forum could not then respond to the planning application by the due date.

However, the concern with transport and access remained, so the Forum submitted some comments to the Development Control Committee meeting. Its comments, and similar ones by the King’s Cross Living Streets Group and the King’s Cross Railways Lands Group, were disregarded in the meeting, as the planning officers took the view that the meeting was dealing with details of the building, not with access to it. As Camden Council is both the intended occupier of the building and the body responsible for access to it, this view seems rather blinkered.

The report of the planning officers is here. The web cast of the Development Control Committee meeting is here.

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