Co-ordinating the plans for King’s Cross Square

At its meeting on 4 November the Forum heard from architects in the Stanton Williams practice, and experts from Network Rail and Transport for London, about the detailed plans for King’s Cross Square. These plans now form the subject of several planning applications. The discussion is written up fully in the minutes of the meeting.

The plans had changed since the consultation on them in the summer, in which several members of the Forum had participated. Members of the Forum felt that generally the changes were improvements. However, they had several concerns, many of which relate to the piecemeal approach to design in and around the Square: explanations for design decisions often just pass responsibility to someone else. The Forum is responding formally to the planning applications to express these concerns and request co-ordination between the design authorities.

The minutes of the meeting also:

  • Summarise the discussion of the role of the Forum in the proposed new planning system that would place responsibilities on an official Neighbourhood Forum.
  • Mention the investigation of the allocation of the Section 106 money (which is paid to Camden Council in stages by the developers of King’s Cross Central and King’s Cross Station).

The meeting was also the annual review meeting; the annual review report is here.

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