Forum response to Camden about King’s Cross Square

Members of the Forum resolved to respond to the planning applications for King’s Cross Square when they heard from  Network Rail and Transport for London. They had several concerns. In particular, they  thought that the approach to design in and around the Square looked piecemeal. Separate organisations (both Network Rail and different parts of Transport for London) appeared to take separate design decisions.

For instance, the planning applications say nothing about:

  • Direction signs in the Square.
  • Structures by other architects in the Square.
  • Road crossings, despite the high pedestrian traffic expected.
  • Bicycle stands, despite the growing recognition of the role of cycling in London.

In addition, the designs leave the canopy over the main Underground exit some distance from the bus stops and do not integrate the taxi rank canopy with the Egg (though they find space to expand the Egg with kiosks). They also still use rather cheerless dark granite cladding and paving in their attempt to make the Underground protuberances, such as the Egg, look less intrusive.

The Forum response to the planning applications notes especially the apparent lack of co-ordination between the organisations making decisions in and around the Square. These organisations should be working according to the policies in the London Plan. The Forum therefore wrote  a letter to the Mayor of London to request co-ordinated planning by the organisations before the approval of any planning applications for the Square.

The discussion about the plans for King’s Cross Square is covered in the minutes of the meeting of 4 November. The meeting was also the annual review meeting; the annual review report is here.

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1 Response to Forum response to Camden about King’s Cross Square

  1. Thanks on behalf of the King’s Cross Railway Lands Group. We have put a link back to here on our own web site and shall see what happens. At the London Plan Examination in Public last summer we were among the organisations calling for much better coordinated implementation plans for ‘Opportunity Areas’. The Mayor made reassuring statements but we remain to be convinced that anyone takes it seriously.

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