Views of neighbourhood forums

process for becoming a neighbourhood forumThe next meeting of the Forum will be from 7:00 to 9:00 on Thursday 9 February in Committee Room 2 of Camden Town Hall.

At the meeting the Forum will discuss what is now known about:

  • The desirability and feasibility of turning the Forum into an official neighbourhood forum under the planning framework of the Localism Act.
  • The use of the Section 106 funds from the King’s Cross Central and King’s Cross Station developments (to provide the Maiden Lane Station study and the York Way improvements, for example).

The meeting will not need to discuss the application to build a hotel at 1-11 Euston Road (opposite King’s Cross Station). The Camden planning officers thought that it should be rejected for many reasons, so they exercised their delegated powers to reject it without referring it to the Development Control Committee.

However, the planning officers, and subsequently the Development Control Committee, accepted the planning applications about King’s Cross Square. In its response to the applications the Forum had requested that the Committee defer approval until the plans were complete and co-ordinated with others, for the rest of the Square (by different architects) and for pedestrians and cyclists. Hurrying to approve the plans appears odd, as work on the Square is not scheduled to start for another year. Nonetheless the Committee did so, having heard from the Forum for four minutes and from the planning officers (seeming to speak of the plans as partly their own) and the applicants for forty. The report of the planning officers is here. The web cast of the Development Control Committee meeting is here.

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