Discussion of neighbourhood forums

Localism Act CoverUnder the Localism Act, a neighbourhood such as the King’s Cross area can have a neighbourhood forum that creates a neighbourhood development plan (and neighbourhood development orders) for approval by the local authorities and an independent inspector. In principle, then, people get extra ways of influencing how their neighbourhoods should develop, provided that they are consistent with broader London and borough plans.

Would a neighbourhood forum be effective in the King’s Cross area? If so, how should it be set up? These are very important questions for the King’s Cross community. They will be central to the meeting of the King’s Cross Development Forum on 9 February. Organisations like the King’s Cross Development Forum have four possible courses of action:

  • Seeking to form the core of a neighbourhood forum.
  • Working towards the formation of a neighbourhood forum as a new organisation.
  • Working with a neighbourhood forum if it is formed by a different organisation.
  • Regarding the formation of a neighbourhood forum as an irrelevant distraction.

To provide background information, Forum members have provided a note on the framework and a view of the implications. There is also a large quantity of material from the Department of Communities and Local Government here; it is supplemented by Camden Council here.

A neighbourhood development plan can cross borough boundaries. Something similar is now recognised in the Council exercise on “Shaping the Future of the King’s Cross Area”. This was originally set up by, and confined to, Camden, but is now being extended to Islington (as the Forum said here that it should be, in 2010). Its final results are now due out in the middle of 2012.

The Forum meeting will also look at the use of the Section 106 funds from the King’s Cross Central and King’s Cross Station developments. It will be from 7:00 to 9:00 on Thursday 9 February in Committee Room 2 of Camden Town Hall.

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