Setting up a neighbourhood forum for the King’s Cross area

greater aerial areaAt the meeting on 9 February Forum members discussed what part the Forum should play in setting up a neighbourhood forum for the King’s Cross area. Though they had reservations about neighbourhood forums in general, most people in the meeting wanted the Forum to take an active role in setting up a neighbourhood forum that would serve both Camden and Islington. They finally decided that the Forum should develop an application for the designation of a neighbourhood forum that could be submitted to the Councils on 1 April. Before then there will be a further meeting of the Forum, to review and amend the proposal.

The neighbourhood forum could contribute greatly to living and working in the King’s Cross area. It could give legal backing to requests for action and improvements to plans that many people have been wanting for years. It could even take over community assets. However, setting it up and keeping it going will need enthusiasm and effort. To help with this in the crucial initial stages, please contact us now.

The points raised during the discussion are outlined in the minutes of the meeting, which also summarise the discussion of the use of the Section 106 funds from the King’s Cross Central and King’s Cross Station developments. A further account of the meeting, with audio clips, provided by Living Streets King’s Cross, is currently the first item here.

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