Foundations for a neighbourhood forum for the King’s Cross area

1, 2 and 3 mile diameter areaMost people in the previous King’s Cross Development Forum meeting (on 9 February) wanted the Forum to take an active role in setting up a neighbourhood forum for the King’s Cross area. In particular, they wanted an application for the designation of a neighbourhood forum to be prepared for  submission to Camden and Islington Councils on 1 April. Before then there would be a further meeting to review and amend the application. After then more people would need to be actively involved in formulating and implementing the detailed intentions of the neighbourhood forum.

Is the application for designation of a neighbourhood forum ready for submission? If so, which organisations and people will take the neighbourhood forum further? These are the questions for the next meeting of the King’s Cross Development Forum (on 22 March). The meeting will also look at what helping with the neighbourhood forum would mean.

To provide background information, there is a note on the decisions needed on setting up the neighbourhood forum. Please read this as well as the draft documents for the application for designation of a neighbourhood forum. The draft documents are:

  • A map showing districts that might be covered.
  • A list of organisations that are known to be interested.
  • The application itself.
  • A constitution for the neighbourhood forum.

The Forum meeting will be from 7:00 to 9:00 on Thursday 22 March in Committee Room 2 of Camden Town Hall. It is open to the public (as are all Forum meetings). If you are unable to attend it but wish to offer help or to comment on the draft documents, please contact us so that your position can be taken into account at the meeting.

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