Applying for a neighbourhood forum for the King’s Cross area

districts (populations)At the meeting on 22 March representatives of several local organisations discussed the application for designating a neighbourhood forum that had been drafted by Forum members. They noted the difficulties and the effort levels needed in organising and maintaining a neighbourhood forum for a large King’s Cross area but were keen to proceed with an application to both Camden and Islington. They decided to use the draft documents in an application that could be submitted to the Councils by 6 April, when the regulations would come into force.

The discussion at the Forum meeting is summarised in the minutes of the meeting.

After the Forum meeting the representatives of the organisations present held a further meeting, to consider enhancing the application before its submission. In the following two weeks the application was enhanced in various ways, before being submitted on time. The application as submitted is here; the draft of the constitution of the neighbourhood forum, which includes a map showing the districts currently proposed and a list of the organisations currently represented, is here. Further changes to these documents are likely as more organisations become involved and the discussions with the Councils proceed.

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