Forum response to Camden about Building T1 of King’s Cross Central

t1 gasholderAt the meeting on 6 March the Argent project manager and an architect in the Niall McLaughlin practice told the Forum about the detailed plans for Building T1. This provides 129 apartments (95 for private sale, 22 for affordable renting and 12 for shared ownership), a car pack, a games area, a restaurant or shop and the energy centre.

The plans had already been submitted in a planning application (2013/0405/P).  The Forum regarded them as better than the earlier plans for the same building in several respects but resolved to comment on them formally. The minutes of the meeting contain a summary of the discussion, along with some pictures. The response by the Forum to the application expands on that summary.

The meeting also heard from one of the occupants of Building R4 (Rubicon Court). It has had several problems, going beyond the teething problems often found in new buildings, as summarised in the minutes. The Forum will see what it can do to help.

The minutes also report the discussion at the meeting about setting up the proposed neighbourhood forum. As noted in earlier meetings of the Forum, considerable effort is needed to organise and maintain a neighbourhood forum for the large King’s Cross area. Support has been enthusiastic but insufficient. Some districts in the area are pressing ahead fast, but others are not. A change of emphasis, towards a grouping of smaller neighbourhood forums and other organisations, can reflect this.

Finally, you can suggest street names for King’s Cross Central here.

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1 Response to Forum response to Camden about Building T1 of King’s Cross Central

  1. martin morton says:

    Thanks for this Report. I agree with the response proposed. I am canvassing the Committee of the Camden Civic Society about names for the new streets.

    You will wish to know that Malcolm Campbell who has represented the Society on several KX groups over the years died last month. For the time being I will be the contact person. I am hoping to arrange obits in the local papers. His main career was as the City of Londons first Reference Librarian for which he was awarded the MBE in 1989.

    Martin Morton Chairman, Camden Civic Society

    on 05/04/2013 12:09, King’s Cross Development Forum

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