Plans for student accommodation, the completion of a housing cluster and Gasholder 8

r5 againAt its next meeting, on 16 May, the Forum will hear from Argent about the plans for:

  • T5 (the student accommodation for the Aga Khan University).
  • R5 (the fourth and final block in the housing cluster started with Saxon Court on York Way).
  • Gasholder 8 (the gasholder frame for public use).

Two of these plans have now been submitted as planning applications (2013/2481/P for Building T5 and 2013/1573/P for Building R5). Responses to them should be sent within twenty-one days.

The meeting is from 7:00 to 9:00 on Thursday 16 May in Committee Room 1 of Camden Town Hall.

There will be a further meeting, on Thursday 13 June, to look at other expected planning applications.

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2 Responses to Plans for student accommodation, the completion of a housing cluster and Gasholder 8

  1. Robert Milne says:

    The outline planning permission recognised that T5 and T6 might accommodate students and indicated limits on the numbers of students. The total proposed for T5 and T6 is within those limits.

    As the Aga Khan University intends to move its teaching facilities to King’s Cross Central, its students are likely to develop the area more than they would if they just stayed there overnight..

  2. Daniel Zylbersztajn says:

    Do we really need more student housing? The area is already full with transient student populations! Just look around at the sum of student apartments. My view is that student apartments are probably a money raiser, you can fit lots of small units in and cash in on that, a developers and owners dream. To that I say a decisive no! The are has reached its maximum here. Instead we need more affordable and spacey housing for families, who are being pushed out due to rents.

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