Future influence on the King’s Cross area

future exclaiming areaAt its meeting on 25 November the Forum discussed whether to disband and, if so, how related work should continue. There was strong support for ensuring that the occupants of King’s Cross Central could influence future social, economic and environmental conditions in the area. With the active involvement of local groups and individuals, and its own experience, the Forum could become effective in representing all occupants. In doing so it would build on the initiatives taken by the Saxon Court and Rubicon Court residents association and would extend to other buildings as people came to live or work in them.

The Forum therefore chose to continue its work, with a growing emphasis on community matters besides planning applications. With this in mind it appointed new officers. They, with other members, can now begin to plan future actions to put into effect the broad objectives of the Forum.

Sometimes being effective requires rapid responses. The Forum noted that the plans for the Google building (outlined here) were being rethought on a tight time scale. There was therefore a chance to persuade Google of the merits of reinstating a bridge over the railway lines. To help with this you can sign or add comments to the open letter.

The Forum also noted that premises for small businesses would not be provided in King’s Cross Central until 2015 at least, though they were needed now.

A fuller account of all these matters is in the minutes of the meeting. The meeting was also the annual review meeting; the annual review report is here.

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