Plans for the Aga Khan University, as well as local transport

planAt its next meeting, on 25 March, the Forum will hear from Argent and the Aga Khan Development Network about Building R1, to be built on the edge of Cubitt Park. This is to provide offices and teaching rooms for the Aga Khan University; its Japanese “star” architect, Maki Associates, has designed several buildings for the Aga Khan University elsewhere. The student accommodation (designed by Stanton Williams) will be in Building T5, which is now under construction next to the tall Urbanest student tower block. The locations are shown alongside.

Following that there will be a discussion on local transport needs, probably concentrating on busses and cycles, with an introduction to the new transport co-ordinator for Argent.

The meeting will be at 7:00 on Wednesday 25 March in Committee Room 1 of Camden Town Hall.

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1 Response to Plans for the Aga Khan University, as well as local transport

  1. Diana Shelley says:

    One question to ask about transport is an update on what has been provided so far under the s.106 agreement for KX Central (which includes extensive commitments to transport improvements). What more is to follow, and when? Sorry I can’t be there to ask!

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