Expectations of the Aga Khan University and for greener travel

r1 from cubitt squareAt the meeting on 25 March the Aga Khan Development Network spoke about Building R1, to be built on the edge of Cubitt Park. This is to accommodate three institutes of the Aga Khan University currently elsewhere in London. Its architect, Maki Associates, has designed buildings for the Aga Khan Development Network in Ottawa and Toronto. The penthouse on the top of the proposed building has been likened (by the architect, but not by members of the Forum) to the dome of Saint Paul’s Cathedral. Perhaps more appealing are the gardens, which (along with the gardens of other nearby buildings of the Aga Khan Development Network) will be open for public tours. The restaurant, too, will be publicly accessible.

Next Charlotte May, the new transport planning co-ordinator for King’s Cross Central, introduced herself. She described her intentions of working with other organisations on activities to promote environmentally appropriate travel on foot or by bicycle. Her presentation illustrates some of these activities.

This led into a discussion on local transport needs, concentrating on busses and cycles, with comments by Rob Willis, the Camden planning officer who is working with TfL to put forward adaptations to the bus routes and schedules. After the meeting Andrew Bosi developed a note on busses and trains to update the earlier transport strategy of the Forum; it is available here.

The discussions are summarised in the minutes of the meeting.

The next meeting, on Wednesday 10 June, will look at the changed intentions for affordable housing in King’s Cross Central. Councillor Siân Berry will provide a perspective.

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