What has happened about the promised social housing?

culross building during demolitionAt the meeting on 10 June Councillor Siân Berry provided a perspective on the changed intentions for social and affordable housing in King’s Cross Central, as apparently agreed behind closed doors between Camden Council (both members and officers) and Argent. Councillor Phil Jones, who is responsible for housing within Camden Council, had been invited to the meeting but was ultimately unable to come.

Some weeks ago Michael Edwards wrote a full account of the matter, including how it is seen by Phil Jones. The outline by Siân Berry, summarised in the minutes of the meeting, brought the Forum up to date. There is now also a further but briefer analysis that members of the Forum are urged to read.

The picture above shows Culross Buildings, part of the housing demolished to make way for King’s Cross Central.

The next meeting, on Wednesday 8 July, will hear about the plans by Heatherwick Studio for the Coal Drops Yard.

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2 Responses to What has happened about the promised social housing?

  1. griersoj says:

    Don’t assume that everyone in the area wants more social housing. This part of London already has an excessive amount of social housing and I want to see the area I live in become less down-market. Probably not a view to which the local activist community subscribes but very widely held all the same

  2. Knowing the trend, it’s probably being reallocated for sale to foreign buyers making Kings Cross a new ghost town outside of Summer lol

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