Alternative approaches to the gyratory

roundaboutAt the meeting of the Forum on 16 March, Sarah Morning of Transport for London outlined the objectives and initial proposals for eliminating the gyratory and returning roads to two way working. Then Tom Harrison of the London Cycling Campaign presented other proposals that had the same objectives but reached rather more radical conclusions, especially by restricting private motor traffic to provide space for pedestrians, cyclists and bus passengers instead of two way roads. Charlotte May, provided an update about the area travel plan, which she is employed by King’s Cross Estate Services to work on for three days in each month.

The members of the Forum welcomed the approach of Transport for London, with its recognition that the gyratory did not meet current needs and its willingness to consult the community before the details were fixed. They were also glad to see alternatives from the London Cycling Campaign to some of those details. They had seen a draft response to the consultation on the approach and decided to make the final response cover points very like several of those covered by the London Cycling Campaign. The resulting response is here.

The minutes of the meeting summarise the discussions on the plans.

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