The new details of the plans for the Google Zone

At its meeting on 11 May the Forum heard about the detailed plans for Zone A of King’s Cross Central (along the railway lines to the south of Goods Way). The buildings to be occupied by up to 10,000 Google employees in King’s Cross Central are shown alongside. Aso, Julia Finlayson of Argent described the current proposals for traffic control, Granary Square (or at least Pavilion H) and Keskidee Square (in Zone S).

The plans and proposals are outlined in the minutes of the meeting. The planning application for Zone A (2017/3133/P) has been submitted since the meeting, and the Forum has made a response aligned with the views expressed at the meeting.

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2 Responses to The new details of the plans for the Google Zone

  1. Robert Milne says:

    The brdige was mentioned both at the Forum meeting and at the Design Panel and Access Forum meeting. The architects had never been asked to consider it, by Google or Argent, and they do not seem to have made any provision for it.

  2. redarkady2014 says:


    I’ve just been looking at the plans for the Google building. The pictures, especially Page 10 of the Urban Design report, seem to imply that the pedestrian bridge over the tracks is now back on the agenda – but I can’t see any other mention of it in the documentation. Was this addressed at the meeting? There’s only brief mention in the minutes. Are they making passive provision for it?

    Kind regards,

    Ben Myring


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