The next period for the Forum

camley street natural park ducksAt its meeting on 13 December the Forum discussed whether to disband and, if so, how related work should continue. Though the development of King’s Cross Central was winding down gradually, the Forum could still usefully participate in the related design and access meetings and provide views on matters affecting the wider area. However, though the existing officers wanted to stand down, the occupants of King’s Cross Central had too little time, energy or enthusiasm to take over and expand the activity on the site in the way needed.

Rather than disband immediately, the Forum chose to continue its participation in the design and access meetings and to consider over the next few months whether a neighbourhood forum, which would look after the matters affecting the wider area, would now be practicable when it was not before.

A full account of the discussion and the background is in the minutes of the meeting. The meeting was also the annual review meeting; the annual review report is here.

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