Many questions on the plans for a student tower block

The Forum received a presentation on 14 June from Steve Sanham of Argent (King’s Cross Central) about a planning application that will come forward shortly. This is not merely a ‘reserved matters’ application under the outline permission already granted but a full new application for a proposed block T6 intended to create a massive climax to the long curve of Zone T that follows the shape of the railway line and backs on to it. The overall accommodation (some in 13 storeys and some in 26 storeys) is intended for 657 students grouped mainly in sets of five or six bedrooms (mostly en suite). Steve Sanham was accompanied by two representatives from Urbanest, the student housing operator who would develop, own and manage the building. Forum members put many questions about the appearance of the tall tower at the eastern end of Zone T, close to York Way, sound and sunlight, ground-level external features and the lack of needed amenities in the early years when this will be one of the few buildings occupied on Kings Cross Central and somewhat remote from the busy Kings Cross – Euston Road end of the redevelopment area. The questions and answers are outlined in the minutes of the meeting.

The Forum also heard a report on a recent meeting of the Construction Impact Group. Its main feature was the ‘period of pain’ promised to last 16 months when Goods Way is being given a new profile and services are linked to the north of the site over the new canal bridge. The road will only be available for westbound traffic throughout the work.

The Forum made arrangements about finance for future administrative support and fixed its annual review meeting date for 30 September.

Geoffrey Roper reported on his appearance at the planning inquiry into four London underground structures south of Kings Cross station, bringing the Forum’s objections to their design and appearance.

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