Will the Coal Drops provide “an experience unlike any other in London”?

agar town coal depotAt the meeting on 8 July Heatherwick Studio outlined the aim for the Coal Drops, which formerly served for shifting coal from trains to carts (as illustrated in the two sections alongside). The hope is to transform the site into a shopping centre unlike any other in London, with varied shops, while preserving some of the industrial feel of the original buildings and the corresponding viaducts.

However, the site might become might be too expensive for small craft and design workshops, and the accommodation would be enlarged to incorporate a large single floor store. This large single floor would cover an area between the two buildings, rising up from those buildings in a curved form foreign to functional industrial design. You can read some of the comments about it in the minutes of the meeting.

The next meeting is at 7:00 on Wednesday 30 September in Committee Room 1 of Camden Town Hall. All are welcome to this (and every other) meeting of the Forum.

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