Response to Camden about Building T1 of King’s Cross Central

The building proposed for Building T1 (1-3 Canal Street) will be the westernmost building in the whole of Kings Cross Central and stand at the southern end of a wall of high buildings curving round the edge of the development site alongside the high-speed railway line. Immediately south will stand the largest of the retained gas-holder (‘gasometer’ to some), open for play activity but maybe also performances.

Within the one stepped building will be the central energy plant for many buildings, an electrical substation, multi-storey car park for over 400 vehicles, a multi-use indoor games hall, shops, cafes, bars and, last but not least 102 flats. Some flats will command dramatic views over South Camden and Westminster, over the Regents Canal and basin. Other flats will face in on a high altitude planted courtyard.

The Forum’s Planning Response Team did not see a lot wrong with the overall design but had anxieties about noise, mainly from the trains on the tracks below. We asked Argent about some of these noise issues and they replied on points we asked about. You will find these, and some other points, in the comments, along with Argent’s answers to the points we put to them, here.

Comments are invited up to 24 March, so this matter is urgent It is worth sending comments in late, but get them in as quickly as possible. Note that this application also includes the design of the land around T1 building and an adjoining road for considerable length. Please copy any comments submitted to the Forum.

About Sophie Talbot

Sophie runs a small business designing websites for small businesses and community groups. She also manages King's Cross Community Projects
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