Consultation on King’s Cross ‘Square’

A new application (2009/5706/P) has just been notified for the Underground entrance structures on the South side of Euston Road with target date for determination on 28 January. A Camden planner  writes “We have to allow a minimum of 21 days for consultation.  It does get a bit problematic this time of year with the Christmas holidays.  I will accept any letters of representation submitted prior to the application being determined (deadline is 28/01) even if they come in after the 21 day deadline, but obviously it is helpful to have people’s views as early on in the process as possible so that they can be fully considered.”

The London Underground appeal (deadline 16 December) only applies to two structures nearest Kings Cross Station. The appeal regarding the two northern structures is to be decided by a planning inspector on the basis of written statements between the people who have made the appeal and the Council, followed by a site visit. This will be a 'fast track' procedure and there is a remote possibility that a decision will be obtained before determination of the two south of the Euston Road applications.

The announcement of short-listed designers in the Kings Cross Square competition says “Bigger than Leicester Square, the new square at King’s Cross station is one of the most important schemes of its kind for the capital, giving London its first dedicated open approach to a major station.”

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